Professional Negligence

Professional negligence applies when a professional person has breached their ‘duty of care’ to the individual or organisation to whom a service has been provided. As a ‘professional’, the person is claiming that their abilities and expertise are better than average. Most commonly, professionals include accountants, architects, bankers, brokers, lawyers and surveyors.

At ERT, we defend claims on behalf of professional advisers and also act on behalf of claimants who have suffered the consequences of professional negligence.


Limitation Periods

On occasion, the extent of the loss caused by professional negligence is not immediately apparent. There are, however, time limits that apply during which someone can make a claim for loss and damage suffered. These time limits vary so it is important to take legal advice as soon as you think professional negligence may potentially be an issue.


Resolving your dispute quickly and cost–effectively

We can provide an early assessment of any claim and will give you clear indications of your prospects of success and the likely costs, including the funding options that are available. We will also advise if we feel that your case is better dealt with through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process.


Our Professional Negligence Experts

Neil Eaton and Scott Corner have particular expertise in litigation matters regarding professional negligence and are also experienced practitioners in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Contact them on 0121 236 1999 or via email at:-


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