Intellectual Property & Information Technology

Intellectual Property Law protects ideas, designs and inventions and includes copyright, patents, trademarks and branding. It also covers publication rights, database rights and confidentiality agreements and is key in protecting the rights in IT. As with physical property, intellectual property can be bought and sold.

Businesses increasingly depend on their IT systems and telecommunications and their level of efficiency can impact significantly on a company’s performance. Whether that is the smooth running of an intranet, usability and security of a payment processing system or service agreements, providers need to ensure that they are working within the relevant regulatory frameworks.

In a fast changing world, legal advice must be informed, up-to-date and appreciative of the wider implications.


IT and Telecommunications

At ERT, our litigation lawyers have specialist expertise in providing legal advice, advocacy and dispute resolution across the spectrum of IT and Telecoms provision, including:-

  • Contracts – drafting, negotiation and disputes
  • Defective software and hardware
  • Intellectual property disputes – copyright, trademarks, passing off and patents
  • IT provision and financing
  • Misrepresentation of goods relating to IT and telecommunications
  • Mobile applications
  • Payment methods
  • Regulatory issues – including PhonepayPlus advice and representation
  • SMS and internet products


Our Intellectual Property and IT Litigation Experts

Kieran Ryan and Neil Eaton take the lead in all our dispute resolution work in IT and Telecommunications. Contact them on 0121 236 1999 or via email at:-


For expert advice on dispute resolution, please call us in confidence on 0121 236 1999, email or make an enquiry here.