We have experience of a wide range of insolvency disputes on behalf of both creditors and debtors and can advise you on the best way to handle any claim, including:-

  • Retention of Title claims
  • Issuing Winding-up Petitions
  • Issuing Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Collection of book debts of companies in administration or liquidation
  • Opposing or arranging for discharge of Bankruptcy/Winding Up Petitions
  • Restoration of Companies to the Register
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements


Our Insolvency Experts

Mark Taylor takes the lead on all insolvency matters. Contact Mark or Gemma Webb on 0121 236 1999 or via email at:-


For expert advice on dispute resolution, please call us in confidence on 0121 236 1999, email or make an enquiry here.