Accident at Work

Employers have a legal duty of care towards their employees in terms of their heath, safety and welfare in the workplace. Both the workplace and a company’s business practices must be safe and not pose a risk to health.

This covers areas such as:-

  • Carrying out regular and effective risk assessments and making the necessary changes to practices
  • Controlling levels of dust, fumes and noise
  • Establishing effective fire precautions and procedures and checking them regularly
  • Maintenance and safety of equipment, plant and machinery
  • Providing protective clothing where necessary
  • Providing adequate first aid equipment
  • Reporting on accidents and risks
  • Training and training records

Employees also have a responsibility towards their fellow workers and themselves and should take reasonable care to keep themselves and the workplace safe. This involves following procedures and reporting any risks to line management.


The Claims Portal

Since 2013, most cases with a value of up to £25,000 are co-ordinated through the Employers’ Liability/Public Liability Claims Portal. There are some exceptions and any cases which are defended will fall out of the Portal.  Cases within the Portal will be streamlined, quick and more cost-effective.


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