Inheritance Claims

Any dispute relating to the estate of a deceased needs to be handled sensitively. Emotions typically run high in relation to this type of dispute, and it requires a particular skill to help the parties come to an agreement or guide them through the legal processes involved in bringing or disputing a claim.

The law surrounding disputes regarding inheritance claims is complex. Many of the common assumptions that people make about the distribution of someone’s property are incorrect. For example, a long-term partner does not automatically inherit if there is no Will.

There are specific and detailed rules regarding many financial matters including joint ownership of property, transition of family businesses, tenancies and pension entitlements.


When Can a Claim be Made Against an Estate?

Claims against an estate can be made if:-

  • An individual feels they should have been a beneficiary under the Will or has a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
  • There is a dispute over the validity of the Will
  • The Will is considered not to be properly executed

Whether you are the one bringing a claim or are in the position of having to defend a claim from someone else, you need expert legal advice.


Our Inheritance Claims Experts

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